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What are the 3 biggest mistakes students make when trying to become an RBT?

Mistake 1: Taking a 40-hour RBT course from a company that does not offer the Competency Assessment and Background Check with a BCBA. Many RBT students find it very difficult (sometimes impossible) to find a BCBA who is available to provide their necessary Competency Assessment. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you secure a BCBA who will complete your Competency Assessment before starting a 40-hour RBT course with any organization. 

Mistake 2: When taking the 40-hour RBT course online, it is a mistake to multi-task and do other things while the videos are playing. Success with the highly technical science of ABA requires paying attention to the lessons and taking notes to study from later.

Mistake 3: Taking longer than 180 days to complete the 40-hour RBT training. The BACB has a requirement that the duration of the training must be at least 5 days but not more than 180 days. Taking longer than 180 days will invalidate the training.

Where can I go to make sure I have a BCBA to provide my BACB required Competency Assessment and Back

Is there a BCBA who will help me navigate the confusing process of becoming an RBT?

Yes: Call 1-877-770-2822 and ask to speak to a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.